Venus Williams: “These are the best courts this tournament has ever had”

04 May 2013
Venus Williams: “Son las mejores pistas que ha tenido Madrid”Venus Williams: “These are the best courts this tournament has ever had”

Totally recovered from illness, Venus William makes a comeback. The older of the two Williams sisters will be in the Caja Mágica starting the tournament against Anabel Medina in the first round of the Mutua Madrid Open.

The fashion designer Venus Williams also finds time to be one of the world’s best tennis players.

She returns this season completely recovered, strong and keen to win. She tells the Spanish magazine Yo Dona: “Thanks to tennis I have learnt to work hard, be disciplined, and I have taught myself to win and lose, and to manage all of these situations”, Venus explains, “I’ve had a lot of lessons in good times and bad, about myself, how to react, and about life.”

Venus Williams is a a strong women who has had a hard year, but she has learnt to handle these difficult situations. The tennis player reveals to Yo Dona “it’s been a very difficult year and a half but I’ve learnt a lot about what’s worth it and what isn’t”. She states“winning is always the objective” and this is exactly why she is here in Madrid, to continue being one of the best players in the world.

Williams has already tried out the courts and like the other players, she believes that “these are the best courts this tournament has ever had. They’re playing really well with really nice bounces. They’re great courts.” She will playing on the courts for the first time this tournament against Anabel Medina, who will also play her first game here this year. “She has had more wins on clay than anyone on tour” said Venus, “she always performs really well”, she explains in front of her clothing line, eleVen.”