Leisure and Entertainment - Concert

Leisure and Entertainment at #mmopen16

From 29 April to 8 May 2016, the Mutua Madrid Open will not only offer the best tennis in the world from the ATP and WTA, it will also become a large leisure centre for spectators of all ages visiting the Caja Mágica.

Music, fun, entertainment and activities for all kinds of public will come together during ten days of the best tennis on the planet (find out below which concerts you can watch this year). Anyone visiting the Madrid tournament will thoroughly enjoy themselves, thanks to all the activities.


The concerts sponsored by Estrella Damm are now a tradition at the Caja Mágica and this year several groups will be back to liven up one of the Madrid spring’s most popular stages. Don’t miss the musical side of the Mutua Madrid Open!

Friday 5: Paracusia

Tuesday 9: Yogures de Coco

Wednesday 10: Playa Cuberris

Thursday 11: Young Forest

Friday 10: Kuve

Saturday 11: Lili´s House

Claims and Information Centre

Anyone who needs to report any kind of incident can do so on Level 0, in the south area next to Stadium 2 – the Arantxa Sánchez Vicario Stadium.
There is also an information point available to the public on Level 0.

Lockers and Cloakrooms

Visitors can find this service near the Paseo de Perales entrance inside the Caja Mágica.