Djokovic: “Nadal deserved to win”

Antonio Arenas Mutua News

Novak Djokovic shared his thoughts after bowing out of the Mutua Madrid Open: “Rafa was obviously a better player today. He deserved to win. He was controlling the game from beginning to the end. His quality was very high. He managed to do whatever he wanted really, especially in the first set. I was getting a lot of balls back. He was serving well. He was using his court positioning well”.

“It’s just one of those days where your opponent is just playing better than you, and you have to be able to say, ‘Congratulations’, and move on”, he said.

“You know, he did get the better of me in most of the stats today, most of the shots. But, as I say, I have lots of good things to take out of this week”.

Despite losing to Nadal for the first time in three years (he had won their last seven clashes), Djokovic was positive about his participation in Madrid.

“It was really good to play in semifinals of big event, and to play against one of the top rivals I have in my life. I haven’t had that feeling in months, so it’s great to feel that”.

“It was a positive week, a positive experience. I take, as I say, more positives than negatives into next week in Rome. As I go along, I hope to continue getting better and getting stronger”.