Kvitova gives her take on the #MMOPEN

Antonio Arenas Mutua News

Earlier today, Petra Kvitova shared her thoughts with the media and spoke about the Mutua Madrid Open on the day that competition got underway in the Caja Mágica.

Her goal at the Mutua Madrid Open: “I love being back in Madrid as I have the best memories you could have here. I love the city too and that always helps. My goal is to play good tennis, but all the best players have come to Madrid and they’re all very strong and want to have a good season on clay, so we’ll see how far I can go”.

Is she the player to beat?: “I don’t think so. I am having a good season and I have picked up a lot of victories and I’m really happy about that. I wasn’t expecting to be playing this well. I feel really good, but we’ll see what happens here in Madrid”.

Is there a record on the horizon?: “I just found out that I could be the first player to win the same Premier Mandatory four times. That’s fantastic, but there’s a long way to go yet to do that”.

What makes the Mutua Madrid Open special?: “I love that the tournament is played with three big main courts with retractable roofs, where you can keep playing whatever is happening outside. The fans are great, a lot of people come to support us and that’s always really important for us. Also, I love Madrid, I love Spain, so I always feel incredible here”.

Her game on clay: “To me it’s incredible that I’ve won three titles here on clay because I’m not a clay person. I would never say that my style is the best for this surface, but for some reason I’m doing well. I grew up playing on clay but my game is much better suited to fast surfaces. But with hard work every day I’ve managed to improve my game on clay and I’m proud of that”.

Her versatility on any surface: “I’ve managed to win titles on all surfaces so I think my game is currently good enough to win on any type of court. I’ve really improved my movement, but particularly on clay. But I think the key is adapting my game technically to each surface”.

The advantages of Madrid for her game: “The altitude is key for me. The balls fly faster and I can go after them more aggressively so my opponents have less time to reach my shots. Also, the courts aren’t too skiddy and as I’m not very good at sliding to reach balls, that could also be something that benefits me”.

The difficulty of the field: «Madrid is practically a Grand Slam. It marks the start of the clay season, so anything can happen. The important thing is to be prepared to make the best start possible to the tournament”.

Young talent on tour: “It’s very good and important to see that there are new female players coming onto the tour. I hope my generation of players can stay at the top and keep challenging the young players knocking so hard at the door”.