The MMOPEN creates the “Mutua Charity Manolo Santana

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In order to sustain a charity event before the tournament, the Mutua Madrid Open has decided to create the “Mutua Charity Manolo Santana”, which will be played on 3 May at 19:30 on the Manolo Santana Centre Court in the Caja Mágica.

With an attractive competition format, two teams of 4 players (2 men and 2 women) will battle it out to win 100,000 euros in an event that will be broadcast on Teledeporte, which seeks to raise awareness among the public of the fight against the scourge of domestic violence.

Mutua Madrid Open Director Manolo Santana was visibly enthused about the annual event, the first edition of which will take place on 3 May: “I am excited about the idea that the charity event before the tournament bears my name. And that it is played every year on the Manolo Santana Centre Court is something that excites me. The competition format will be a success and I am confident that the fans will fill the stands on that day to fight for such an important cause”.

President and CEO of the MMOPEN Gerard Tsobanian highlighted the essential role played by Manolo in the event: “Having run various formats of charity event in recent years, we have decided to create a concept that lives on in time and in which Manolo will always be the central figure. We want it to form part of the enduring legacy that Manolo continues to leave at the Mutua Madrid Open. We believe the players will be behind it and it will be a complete success”.

Although the names of the 8 players will be published in the coming days, Feliciano López has already told Manolo of his intention to take part: “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Playing in a tournament with Manolo’s name will be very special. I will fight hard so that my team wins the first edition”. Likewise, world number one Simona Halep has confirmed her presence: “I feel at home in Madrid and it will be an honour to play in an event that bears the name Santana, a pioneer, a great person and the Director of one of my favourite tournaments”. 


Day: Friday 3 May at 19:30

Competition format:

Team A: Two male players and two female players

Team B: Two male players and two female players

Men’s match 1: Male player Team A VS Male player Team B (1 point)

Women’s match 1: Female player Team A VS Female player Team B  (1 point)

Men’s match 2: Male player Team A VS Male player Team B  (1 point)

Women’s match 2: Female player Team A VS Female player Team B  (1 point)

Mixed match 1 (2 points)

Mixed match 2 (3 points)

The last mixed match will only be played if relevant.

Match format: 2 games plus tiebreak in the event of 1-1.

Charity: The tournament will donate 50,000 euros to Mutua Madrileña Foundation projects for eradicating domestic violence.

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