Welcome message from Ignacio Garralda

Antonio Arenas Mutua News

Dear friends,

Please allow me, first of all, to welcome you to a new edition of the Mutua Madrid Open. This year will be a special year for everyone. It is the first year in which Manolo Santana is not the tournament’s director and, although I’m sure we will continue to enjoy his presence, support and passion for tennis as the honorary president, I wanted to take this opportunity to explain what it has meant for us to work with him. Manolo was the initial reason we started this sponsorship, as when he came to present the project to us 14 years ago, we thought that with a legend such as Manolo at the helm, it was a fail-safe proposal. And we weren’t wrong about either the now Mutua Madrid Open or its director. The experience of working with Manolo Santana could not have possibly been better and we will all miss him.

As for Feliciano López, who starts this year as tournament director, we are sure he will be victorious in this new stage of his career, as he has been with the challenges he faced as a professional tennis player. We wish him the best of luck and offer him all of our support.

Initiatives like the Mutua Madrid Open, which drive sport and tourism and generate employment in cities where they are held, are possible thanks to the help of sponsors like Mutua Madrileña. Every year, the Mutua Madrid Open generates 4,000 direct jobs. So, if you are a member of Mutua, this success is also yours.

And, finally, I would like to invite all members of the public to come to the Caja Mágica and participate in the charity activities we are running on the premises. For our foundation, the Mutua Madrid Open has been an ally in the fight against domestic violence by involving the best tennis players in the world in our initiatives.

Thank you all for coming, I wish you another happy visit to the tournament once again this year,

Ignacio Garralda

President of the Mutua Madrileña Group