Welcome message from Manolo Santana

Antonio Arenas Mutua News

This will be a very special edition of the Mutua Madrid Open. On an organisational level, I am greatly looking forward to enjoying the world’s best tennis in our own home once again. In your home. We are lucky enough to experience this year after year and it is something we should give the appreciation it deserves. As always, we are opening our doors wide for you to enjoy a project that we have all worked hard for. From 3 to 12 May we will witness a great celebration of tennis in the Caja Mágica, a chance to marvel at the skill of the biggest stars and the values of competition. You are all more than welcome.

On a personal level, I am proud to fulfil my new role of Honorary President of the Mutua Madrid Open, an event that I have been involved in since its conception and that will always have a special place in my heart. The happiness I feel season after season cannot be compared to any other, as I watch with great affection the progress we have achieved. At a tournament whose centre court bears my name and where I have always felt genuinely appreciated, filling this role is a genuine personal privilege, and one that I greatly treasure.

Tennis is an individual sport, but the key to any success is always teamwork. I am hugely excited to help Feliciano López in his new role as Director, a job that I lovingly performed for many wonderful years at this event. I would like take advantage of this platform to publicly express my confidence in him as he takes over at the head of the organisation, where we will work side by side to continue making the Mutua Madrid Open a tournament worthy of its category. Feliciano knows the world of professional tennis like few others, he is one of the key figures in the tournament’s growth in our city and I’m convinced that he will do an excellent job. I could not imagine anyone better suited to take the baton in the Caja Mágica and I am certain that our event will enjoy an exciting future.

History continues to march forth in Madrid and it is a visible reality for everyone. In 2019, we will celebrate the eighteenth edition of the tournament in the capital of our country, confirming the establishment of one of Spain’s biggest competitions. Tennis is one of the foundations of our culture and from the Caja Mágica we will continue to contribute to its growth. It is hard not to feel proud, satisfied and excited when looking back at all the work that has been done. Also, looking to the future and seeing the room for improvement that we all have available to us is a great source of ambition. This is the main driver of our daily perseverance. Great tournaments are built year upon year, with small contributions to a long-term vision. The path we have taken together is starting to have a great impact on tour and all of our efforts go towards leaving a big footprint in the history of our sport.

Of course, at the centre of all of this are the best tennis players in the world. The best players on tour define the Mutua Madrid Open season after season as one of the most important on the calendar. And the 2019 edition will not be an exception by any means. Both the women’s and men’s competitions include the biggest names on their respective tours, a further demonstration of the good health of our tournament. We can take a privilege of this calibre for granted or we can value the fortune we have of enjoying so many stars just a few metres from our doorsteps. We would like to encourage all fans to attend what is a global event, to enjoy their idols up-close and to educate the new generations with the great values this sport always offers. Today’s dreams can be tomorrow’s reality. I hope you enjoy this year’s Mutua Madrid Open – a tournament that we are all continuing to build. Welcome to your home!