Mutua Madrid Open, a voice against school bullying and domestic violence

Antonio Arenas Sin categoría

Few events can match the pulling power of sports events. The Mutua Madrid Open, for example, the biggest tennis tournament held in Spain, sponsored by Mutua Madrileña, attracts more than 250,000 visitors every year on top of the millions of viewers who follow the competition on TV (almost 2 million people in Spain watched the 2017 final between Rafa Nadal and Dominic Thiem).

The Mutua Madrid Open is, without a doubt, synonymous with sporting quality, competitiveness, success and hard work, attributes shared by the insurance company. But Mutua takes its sponsorship much further; the Madrid insurance company makes use of the tournament’s potential to raise awareness among its numerous followers, not only of the values of sport (perseverance, respect, teamwork, etc.), but also of important social problems. Specifically, the Madrid insurance company works hard to raise awareness of the fight against school bullying and domestic violence. Thus the sponsorship is shaped by its social impact, the most important aspect for the insurance company.


No to bullying

Mutua Madrileña uses the Mutua Madrid Open to raise awareness of the problem of school bullying. The insurance company has brought its ‘#NoBullying. Ending bullying starts with you’ project to the facilities of the Caja Mágica. It runs the project through its foundation (Fundación Mutua Madrileña) and in collaboration with the Anar Foundation. Specifically, it is an initiative for the prevention and raising awareness of school bullying aimed at children, their parents and educators.

The Mutua Madrid Open venue is an ideal space for promoting awareness of this social problem given the high number of young visitors, both with their families and with school groups who come to the tournament with their teachers.

Specifically, during the tournament, Mutua seeks the support of influential people in the world of sports, social media, music, cinema, etc., who wear the #NoBullying campaign t-shirt and send messages rejecting school bullying on social networks. Fernando Verdasco, Arturo Vals and Roberto Brasero, among many others, all lent their support to the campaign last year.

The initiative is a clear conduit for engagement; during the ten days of the 2018 Mutua Madrid Open, it reached more than 2 million users on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition, thanks to shares, the #NoBullying project video was viewed 124,000 times.

This year, Mutua Madrileña will once again promote collaboration from all those ‘influencers’ who attend the tournament, whom teenagers admire and feel close to, all with the goal of raising awareness of the harm caused by school bullying.


Support from Disney

In addition, the insurance company’s foundation has extended its reach by joining forces in the fight against school bullying in a new collaboration agreement, this time with Disney, who will also be visible during the Mutua Madrid Open this year.

#ActivaTuPoder (Activate Your Power) is the hashtag for the initiative, which seeks to encourage children who witness bullying at school to act, take sides, raise their voice and defend their schoolmates who are being bullied. The first video from the agreement, created under this inspiring message, #ActivaTuPoder, includes some of the main characters from the Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel universes. In the short, the cartoon heroes inspire children who witness school bullying to take action.

The Mutua Madrid Open is also an excellent stage for promoting this initiative and for inviting adults and children to get involved in it and “activate their power” against school bullying.

Beyond the tournament, this project is run on various communication channels, including Disney’s channels and social media profiles and those of influencers from Disney and elsewhere. Through its participation, it seeks to get the message across to as many children and teenagers as possible.

For their part, Disney España’s social networks, which have a total of more than 5 million followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, play a key role in the promotion of the initiative. In addition to Disney’s own channels, the action plan enjoys the support of influencers with communities on YouTube and Instagram with more than one million followers.


Against domestic violence

The fight against domestic violence is one of the lines of action that Mutua Madrileña, through its foundation, has been involved in for seven years. In this regard, the Mutua Madrid Open is also a good stage for achieving the biggest possible impact in terms of raising awareness.

In past years, some of the best players in the ATP and WTA rankings taking part in the Mutua Madrid Open have lent their voice and image to help personally communicate the importance of the social rejection of domestic violence, and they will be doing the same this year.

In all cases, male and female players have collaborated in the creation of a video and images that will be displayed around the Caja Mágica facilities during the ten days of competition at the Mutua Madrid Open, as well as on social networks and other platforms.

“Domestic violence means the same to everyone”, “I don’t like you”, “All for one against abuse” and “You are not nobody” were the messages used in the last campaigns. They all sought to provide a voice against abuse, to encourage people to show their rejection of insults, humiliation and physical abuse, to act against this social scourge and to promote its rejection.