FAQ Mutua Madrid Open 2016


How can I keep informed about all the news regarding the tournament?
To stay informed about all the news and promotions relating to the Mutua Madrid Open, keep an eye on our website, Facebook page and Twitter.
How can I become a ball boy/girl?
All the information on how to become a ballboy/girl at the tournament can be found in the ballboy/girl section.
How can I become a volunteer?
To volunteer at the Mutua Madrid Open you must get in contact with the organisation via the tournament web page. Click here..
Where can I find accommodation near the venue?
You can consult information regarding accommodation on the webpage of the Madrid City Council (Ayuntamiento de Madrid) – www.madrid.es.
Can I use my laptop inside the venue?
No. The use of laptop computers by the public in the stands and within the limits of the playing courts is prohibited.
Can I bring a camera into the venue.
Cameras for strictly personal use are permitted, but it is not permitted to record footage without the previous authorization of the organizers.
Is entry charged for children?
Children under three are not charged entry as long as they do not occupy a seat.
What area of the stadium has more shade over the course of the day?
During the day sessions, the seats on the west side and the north end are more shaded than the other sections.
In which part of the court does the chair umpire sit?
On the West side.
Can I bring food and drink to the venue?
No. No food and drink may be brought in from outside. Inside the venue there are catering zones.
I want to see Nadal (or any other player). When is he/ she playing?
The Mutua Madrid Open is a knockout tournament, which means that the order of play for a particular player can only be announced the night before. It is therefore impossible to buy a ticket in advance to see a particular player.
When will I know which players will be taking part in the tournament?
The definitive list of players is not finalized until approximately two weeks before the tournament. This list can change right up until the day before the tournament begins.
Can I drive to the venue?
Yes, but parking spaces are very limited and the organizers of the tournament strongly recommend the use of public transport. Click here for directions on how to arrive..
My companion is going to arrive later. Can I leave his ticket at the ticket office for him/her to collect later?
For safety reasons, it is not permitted to leave tickets at the ticket offices .
Can you leave the grounds?
No. Once you leave the grounds, re-entry will not be permitted during the same session.
How is it possible for tickets to the Mutua Madrid Open to be sold on other websites?
Tickets to the Mutua Madrid Open are only for sale through official vendors (as mentioned in q.1). Tickets sold through other non-authorised sites could either be false or have a much higher price. Madrid Trophy Promotion S.L. accepts no responsibility for tickets acquired from unofficial vendors.
Are there any extra surcharges?
All ticket prices, regardless of price or point of sale will carry a €1,50 service charge.
Can tickets be reprinted in the case of loss?
No. Under no circumstances will duplicates be made of tickets. The organisation accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to tickets.
Can tickets be returned or exchanged?
No, all sales are final. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
What time do the Day and Night sessions begin?
The spectator will have access to the Caja Mágica at the beginning of the purchased session. Please check the schedule prior to the event. Day session (1st session): Schedule to be confirmed. Night session (2nd session): Schedule to be confirmed.
Are tickets sold by match or by day?
Tickets are sold according to session and the stadium they grant access to. As a result, if for example you want to see all the Stadium Manolo Santana matches on Thursday 5th May, you will need to purchase both a day and a night ticket.
Does the same ticket gain me entry into all the courts?
No, there are three types of tickets which grant different access. Stadium Manolo Santana *: A Stadium Manolo Santana Ticket entitles the holder to access the Center Court, Stadium 3 and Tennis Garden.Saturday 7th to Stadium 2. Premium Seats: gives access to Manolo Santana Stadium, Premium Zone, Stadium 3 and Tennis Garden. Saturday 7th to Stadium 2. Stadium 2: you enter this stadium with the "Stadium 2 Ticket" and Tennis Garden. Ground Ticket: you enter this stadium with the "Stadium 3 Ticket"and Tennis Garden. Access to the Tennis Garden is subject to capacity.
Are the tickets sent by mail?
For security reasons tickets are not sent by mail.
How can I purchase tickets without having to travel?

Print at home: This option allows you to download your tickets in .pdf format and print them. We remind you that the tickets are valid both in color and in black and white.

Mobile ticket: This option allows you to download your tickets to your smartphone or tablet. To download your tickets, you must click on the link in the confirmation email. Once downloaded, they will be automatically added to the corresponding application:

Android = Passwallet
Windows Phone = Wallet Pass
iPhone = Wallet

Do I need to bring a form of identification to collect the tickets?
To collect the tickets, it is essential that you bring your ID or passport. If the person who comes to collect the tickets is not the person who made the purchase (i.e. the same person whose information has been used at the point of purchase; bare in mind that the person who makes the transaction does not necessarily have to be the ticket holder) they must bring an authorized and signed photocopy of the purchasers ID or passport. Important: Tickets will not be issued if these requirements are not met.
Where can I buy tickets for the Mutua Madrid Open 2022?
Once the tickets are made available, they can be bought using the following methods: - www.mutuamadridopen.com - Ticket office: tickets will go on sale in the Caja Mágica on 1 April 2022.
If there are no tickets available on the www.mutuamadridopen.com website, can I still purchase them in the office?
No, the ticket quota is the same regardless of the sales channel.
Do I have to enter the data of my companions as a buyer?
Yes, before finishing the purchase it is necessary to include the data of all the assistants.