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Terms and conditions concerning ticket sales for the MUTUA MADRID OPEN 2017 Tournament (May 4th – may 13th, 2018)*

*Madrid Trophy Promotion S.L. warns that the programme for the Mutua Madrid Open Tournament may undergo changes that, where applicable, shall be duly announced on the website as the date of the tournament approaches

Please remember that once you make a purchase, NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS ARE ALLOWED.

1.1. Stadiums


The Caja Mágica complex consists of 3 main stadiums:
Center Court (Manolo Santana Stadium), with a capacity of approximately 9,685 spectators. Assigned seating.
Stadium 2 (Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario Stadium), with a capacity of 3,439 spectators. Assigned seating in some sessions.
Stadium 3, with a capacity of 2,228 spectators. Unassigned seating.
In addition, there are various outer competition and training courts (unassigned seating).
A ticket entitles the holder to watch all of the matches played during the session in question and for the stadiums for which it was purchased. Therefore, to watch all of the matches played in a specific stadium when there are two sessions on a given day, you will need to purchase tickets for both sessions.
The Mutua Madrid Open is a combined tournament (WTA – Women’s Tennis Association and ATP – Association of Tennis Professionals). As a result, women’s and men’s matches will be played simultaneously, making it impossible to choose between one or the other when purchasing a ticket.
Since the tournament consists of eliminatory rounds, the tournament schedule can only be announced the night before. For this reason, you cannot purchase a ticket in advance in order to watch a specific player.

1.2. Tournament Sessions

Assignment of the sessions on the Center Court (Manolo Santana Stadium):
-Friday May 4st , Saturday May 5st, Sunday May 6st and Sunday May 13th of 2018 are single session days (time to be confirmed)
-From Monday, May 7th to Saturday, May 12th of 2018 the sessions are double:
-DAY session (1st session): time to be confirmed, start off not before approximately 10:30 hours. From that time may it enter the premises only when the venue capacity permits it.
– NIGHT session (2nd session): The first match will begin at 20:00. However, access to the Caja Mágica will be possible from 18:00 for night session ticket holders. From that time may it enter the premises only when the venue capacity permits it.
The organisers reserve the right to change these times depending on the final match schedules.
Spectators can enter the Caja Mágica venue at the beginning of any given session.
Access to Central Court with a day session ticket is allowed only until the matches held in thisfirst session have ended. The access to Central Court with the night session ticket is authorized since the first game of this second sessionhas commenced.
At the end of the last match of the day session, the audience on the Center Court (Manolo Santana Stadium) will be vacated from this stadium (see the website for details regarding this process), to allow access to those with tickets for the night session.
Please visit our website to check the times of each session, as the tournament dates approach.

1.3. Types of Ticket

There are 3 types of tickets:
– Center Court*: A Center Court Ticket (Manolo Santana Stadium) entitles the holder to access the Center Court, Stadium 2, and the remaining courts. This is with the exception of Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th, and Thursday 10th of May 2018 when another,specific and separate ticket will be required to access Stadium 2. The 4th May the Centre Court Ticket grants access to Stadium 2 and Tennis Garden, but not to Stadium 3
– Stadium 2: Access is granted every day of the tournament to this Stadium with a Center Court ticket and Ground Ticket, except for Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th, and Thursday 10th of May 2018. On these three dates, separate Stadium 2 tickets will be sold and seating is assigned. For the remaining dates of the tournament there is no numbered seating.
– Ground Ticket:
A Ground Ticket grants access to Stadium 2 and remaining courts (not Center Court). On the following days: Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th respectively, access is allowed only to Stadium 3 and outer courts. Ground tickets are subject to availability on the venue capacity at any time.  The 4th May the Centre Court Ticket grants access to Stadium 2 and Tennis Garden, but not to Stadium 3

* In categories 1 and 3 in the second stand (A) of the Centre Court – the Manolo Santana Stadium visibility might be impaired in the first two rows of category 1, due to the glass panels and the metal hoardings, and in row 9 of category 3, due the metal hoardings which are integral to the stadium’s security setup.

Tickets for the Disabled: This type of ticket is exclusively for wheelchair users (these persons will not occupy a seat and therefore tickets will have reduced prices). To purchase such tickets, please call the ticket sales office (902 18 36 47) or write to the following e-mail address:
Once the ticket holder has left the site he/she will not be allowed to re-enter.

Tickets should be purchased only at the tournament organization’s officially authorized sales points. M.T.P. will not be responsible for tickets acquired outside these authorized sales channels.
Only on presentation of a valid ticket for each person will access be granted to the tournament and facilities

The tickets contain various security mechanisms to ensure their authenticity and avoid any counterfeiting. However, M.T.P. does not guarantee the authenticity of any tickets that are not purchased via one of the official channels.

Only the official sales channels of the 2018 Mutua Madrid Open can guarantee that authenticity of tickets:

– The tournament website is open 24 hours a day until one day before each session or until the tickets are sold out. Methods of payment: credit/debit card.

TELEPHONE: Calling 902 18 36 47 or 902 18 36 47 or +34 91 479 86 82. Same opening hours as the offices. Payment options: credit/debit card. Customer service hours are subject to modification as the tournament draws closer. (Changes and/or modifications are published on the tournament website:

Los horarios de atención al cliente están sujetos a modificaciones a medida que se acerquen las fechas del torneo (de ser así, dicho cambio se anunciará en la página web del torneo:

TOURNAMENT ORGANIZER’S OFFICES: For more information please visit or dial 902 18 36 47 or +34 91 479 86 82. Methods of payment: cash and credit/debit card.

TICKET OFFICE: Tickets will go on sale in the Caja Mágica on the 3st of Apr 2017 . During the tournament,Schedules to be confirm. Methods of payment: cash and credit/debit card.
Under no circumstances will duplicate tickets be issued nor will access without a ticket be allowed. M.T.P.declines any responsibilityfor eventual loss, theft or damage of issued tickets, nor for tickets acquired via unauthorized channels.
A surcharge of €1 for service and management expenses shall apply to all tickets,regardless of their face value or the official sales channel by which they were obtained. In the case of season tickets, the amount of €1.60 will be charged for each finalized season ticket purchase. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the client indicates their express approval of this surcharge.
Cash payment.

Under the provisions of Article number 7 of the Law 7/2012, of October 29th, that modifies the tax legislation and adequacy of financial regulation in order to intensify the actions of prevention and fight against fraud, no payments will be accepted in cash or by cashier’s check for an amount over € 2,500.
Children aged 3 or under do not pay to enter, provided they do not occupy a seat.
Anyticket purchased through any of the sales channels mentioned above,must not be resold, without prior, specific and written authorization of M.T.P.
Spectators should purchase their tickets from one of the recognised retail channels to avoid being swindled, as there are a number of internet sites and touts offering tickets for the Mutua Madrid Open.
The risks involved with using these other channels include paying an elevated price or purchasing a duplicated ticket and not being allowed into the venue.
In any case, the organisers of the tournament will not be held accountable for the validity of any tickets purchased outside of the official channels, conforming with article 24.3 of the Public Entertainments and Recreational Activities 17/1997 Act, 4th of July.

Tickets acquired with the option “RECOGER” (to collect) must be picked upat the organization’s offices (for more information please visit or dial 902 18 36 47 or +34 91 479 86 82).

Whether tickets are collected from the tournament offices or from the ticket office, the buyer (i.e. the person whose data was registered at the time of purchase, bearing in mind that the person who made the payment is not necessarily the buyer) must show their passport or national identity card. In cases where the person collecting the tickets is not the buyer but an authorized person, the person presenting themselves must be in possession of a signed authorization from the buyer and a photocopy of their national identity card as well as the identity card of the third person. Tickets will not be issued if these conditions are not accomplished.

3.1. Conditions of the Service: “Print at Home”

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions of this service before selecting the option “print at home”:

  • Once your purchase has been confirmed, you will have to enter the members section in to download your tickets.
  • Verify that the printer is connected and that it has sufficient toner to print the tickets. In any case, the option to print them later on is always available.
  • The tickets must be in good condition; the information they contain and the barcode must be clearly visible so as to be legible by the access control system.
  • On arrival, go directly to the access control points where your tickets will be validated using the barcode. Remember you DO NOT have to go to the ticket office to pick up your tickets.
  • If this ticket if not validated and stamped at the access control, it will not grant access to the courts.
  • If several copies of the ticket have been printed, only the first presented/displayed ticket will be considered valid, and under no circumstances will access be allowed to those who try to get in later on with the same ticket. The organizers M.T.P cannot be held responsible for the possible fraudulent use of ticket/s. Please be aware that you may be asked to show the credit/debit card used to purchase the tickets (only if there are indications of possible fraudulent use), for which reason you must retain your ticket during the event.
  • The buyer of the ticket assumes all responsibility in cases where his/her ticket appears to have been duplicated, photocopied or has sign of falsification, thereby forfeiting all rights granted by the ticket for access to the premises.
  • M.T.P. shall be entitled to deny access to holders of any tickets that are modified, corrected or crossed through, that are damaged or that have sign of falsification.
  • Lost tickets will not be replaced. Under no circumstances will access to the premises be allowed without showing printed tickets.
  • Note that once you have selected the option “print at home” you will not be able to switch to the option for collecting the ticket on official paper, and vice versa.
  • Should you not receive your tickets on the day of purchase, contact us as soon as possible by calling 902 18 36 47 or +34 91 479 86 82.

The purchase of tickets for the 2018 Mutua Madrid Open is final and shall be deemed completed once the payment has been made. TICKETS MAY NOT BE EXCHANGED OR RETURNED.

Once purchased, the ticket may not be exchanged and nor may its payment be returned, except in the case of the cancellation of the 2018 Mutua Madrid Open. If the 2018 Mutua Madrid Open tournament is cancelled, MTP undertakes to return the price of the ticket. It is hereby expressly stated that the distribution costs applied to the price of the ticket by the sales channels shall not be returned by MTP, as MTP does not receive such payments.

In the event that the schedule or timetable for the 2018 Mutua Madrid Open tournament undergoes changes due to force majeure, security reasons, public disorder or a decision from any competent authority, MTP undertakes to announce such changes as soon as possible and, in all cases, as soon as the competition department makes the information public.

MTP warns that adverse weather conditions such as rain, extreme heat or strong winds could lead to delays in the match schedules and, in such cases, it undertakes to announce such changes as soon as possible.

Weather conditions that may lead to changes in timetables and to the scheduling shall be considered force majeure.

All persons attending the Mutua Madrid Open 2018 event recognize and accept that their movement within the grounds or in the areas adjacent to the grounds is their responsibility, and agree to absolve the organizers, M.T.P., and any other relevant entity from all responsibility regarding any risk, danger or loss, including injury or damage to persons or property, loss of property or any other incident that may occur as a result of their attendance at this tournament.

The Organisation exercises its right to admission according to that established in article 24.2 of Law 17/1997 of 4 July on Public Performances and Recreational Activities, and, to that effect, establishes the following requirements:

Admission may be refused to anyone behaving violently, or who may disturb the public or users or may disrupt the expected progress of the performance or activity.

The admission of under-18s is prohibited, except in the case of the receipt of express written consent at least 24 hours in advance, time during which the identification details of both the grantor and the minor are obtained from the person responsible for the minor.

Right of admission is reserved by the organizers, M.T.P., who may deny access or remove from the premises any ticket holder who does not comply with the instructions of the organizers’ personnel, or who might reasonably be presumed to bring about a high-risk or dangerous situation for actual ticket holders and in particular for those persons who:

  • – Are of a violent disposition, and specially those who have an aggressive attitude or provoke disturbance in the order of play or the diligent use of the facilities or as a consequence of the relation with other persons.
  • – Those who may pose a hazard or nuisance to other spectators, in particular those found taking drugs or narcotics or who show symptoms of having taken them and those showing significant signs of drunkenness.
  • – Those who hinder the normal progression of the tournament.
  • – Those who access areas restricted to tournament personnel.
  • – Minors may only enter the venue accompanied by their parents, a legal guardian or a person responsible for them.
  • – Disorder, the carrying of narcotics or being in a state of intoxication, whether evident or potential, shall be sufficient cause to deny entrance to anyone or to proceed to expel them from the Mutua Madrid Open.
  • – Upon entering the premises, the public and their belongings may be searched and inspected in accordance with applicable legislation; they may not bring onto the premises any objects that could be considered dangerous by the organizers such as sparklers, fire-crackers, explosives, weapons, bottles, glass, or laser pointers, or those that are prohibited by law such as professional cameras, video cameras and recorders of any kind.

Expulsion from the Mutua Madrid Open for any of the reasons contained in these conditions of admission shall not entitle the person concerned to a refund of the price paid for the ticket.

Every ticket holder is personally responsible for any actions or omissions that cause injury to a third party or material damage.

The following is strictly prohibited:

  • To introduce and display signs, symbols, emblems or slogans which, due to their content or due to the circumstances in which they are shown or used could be considered to incite violent, xenophobic, racist or terrorist behavior or as an act of sporting contempt towards the participants in the tournament.
  • To introduce or have in your possession, activate or throw, within the grounds or courts on which the competitions are to be held or are in progress, any type of firearm or any object that could produce the same effects, likewise sparklers, fire-crackers, explosives or inflammable, smoke-producing, or corrosive products in general.
  • The use of all personal computers and handheld devices inside the confines of the (the spectator area) of the tournament courts, with the exception of accredited members of the press, tournament providers and tournament staff who use these devices in function with their job.
  • No ticket holder can continuously collect, distribute, transmit, publish or disclose information pertaining to any results or statistical data related to any match while it is being played from within tournament grounds (from the beginning of a match to the end, for commercial purposes or gaming / gambling).
  • The use of lasers or laser pens for pointing and or any device that can alter the normal rules of competition.
  • Entry onto the premises in a state of drunkenness.
  • To introduce, sell, consume or have on the facilities any type of alcoholic beverage or narcotic or psychotropic substances, stimulants or similar products. Being in a state of intoxication, whether evident or potential, shall be sufficient cause to deny entrance or be expelled from the site.
  • Entry onto the courts themselves or their surroundings is prohibited at all times.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the Magic Box, according to the current legislation.
  • To bring animals onto the premises.
  • Access to the installations will be prohibited to ticket holders who have been banned from entering any sports grounds, until such time as the ban has expired.
  • Originate any disturbance of the order or to peoples security or to property or to the facilities.
  • To remain standing on parts of the premises designed for viewing the match.
  • To bring food or drink onto the premises, except in cases where it is necessary on health grounds. In such cases an email should be sent to the organisers beforehand on so a certificate can be obtained.

Once a match has started, you may only take your seat when indicated to do so by the persons responsible for controlling access to the court.

The use of Mutua Madrid Open tickets for promotional purposes by tournament sponsors or partners is possible only with the express approval of the organizers.

Tickets are not to be used for commercial or promotional purposes aimed at third parties.

Tickets are for personal use only and are not for resale.

It is forbidden to show advertising or any commercial activity including the transmission of the competition scores or statistics to any other third person without the authorization of M.T.P.
On the premises, the use of or the possession of promotional or commercial articles is strictly prohibited as is the offering for sale or the possession of merchandise for such purposes (e.g. beverages, comestibles, antiques, tickets, etc.). Such items will be confiscated and temporally held by the Police or tournament officials.

Spectators must occupy the seat assigned to them on the ticket and must retain their ticket until they leave the venue and present it when asked to do so by any employee or official authorized by the organizing company M.T.P.

All persons attending the tournament recognize that this is a public event, and they freely and willingly accept that their voices, images and faces may appear on televised or radio broadcasts, either live or recorded, on video, in photographs and in any other media or audiovisual medium, now or in the future, without any compensation whatsoever.

No one attending the event may tape or record sounds, images or descriptions of the premises or of matches (including any score or statistics) except for private use. It is especially forbidden to broadcast by Internet, radio, television or any other medium, in the present or in the future, any sound, image, description, result or statistic, whether in whole or in part, nor to assist a third party to perform such activities, without the authorization of M.T.P.

Any ticket holders who, due to their conduct or the way in which they acquired their tickets, do not comply with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS described in this document will be denied access to the premises or will be expelled from the premises with no right to reimbursement.

For more information, please consult Section 9, Privacy Policy of the Terms and Conditions of the Ticket sales program on our website

If any clause of the present Terms and Conditions is not valid, either wholly or partially, then this clause, or part of it, will be considered excluded from the Terms and Conditions. This will not affect the enforceability of the remaining clauses.

These Terms and Conditions have been written in Spanish and translated into English. Therefore, the Terms and Conditions written in Spanish prevail in all cases and will be interpreted according to Spanish law.

All disputes relating to the present Terms and Conditions shall be resolved by the Courts of the city of Madrid.

Madrid Trophy Promotion, S.L
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