Bertens: “I’m really happy”

Antonio Arenas Mutua News

Kiki Bertens, the newly crowned champion of the 2019 Mutua Madrid Open spoke to the press after her final against Simona Halep. The Dutch player took a look back at what has been one of the best weeks of her career and forwards to the upcoming clay tournaments.

On the match: “I think I played very solid today. I think at the beginning, I was a little bit searching for my game still, but I think the rest of the match I played really solid, really smart, and I was just going for my shots”.

The “lucky” point that helped her: “As well as playing well today, maybe I got a little bit lucky in the 4-3 game when I hit the ball in the fence and it hit her (smiling), but sometimes you need a little luck [laughing]”.

Did the experience of last year’s final help her?: “It helped me a lot. Last year was my first big final. It was a really tough match against Petra. She played really well. I also played a really good match and it was really tough to lose that one. But today, I was going out there with confidence, just playing my game, just being busy with that and with nothing else. And so I didn’t really feel the stress today. So I think, because of last year, I felt more ready to win it today”.

Being a clay player: “On clay, I really feel like I can play my own game. Even when I don’t play well, I’m not panicking too much which, on other surfaces, happens a little bit too much [smiling]. But on clay I feel confident, I feel the balance in my game, so it’s easier to return for me as well because I can go a little further back. So, I feel like almost in every game I have some opportunities, so it gives me a good balance, I would say”.

Madrid, the biggest title of her career: “I’m just really happy. I think after every title you feel something, of course. Sometimes it’s a lot of emotions. Sometimes it is really happiness. Sometimes it’s just not believing. But right now, I don’t know how I feel. I just feel really happy. I’m really proud of this week. I played some good tennis. No. 4 in the world on Monday, so it’s all amazing things”.

Her next goal… Roland Garros?: “Of course, you always go for that, but it’s still a long way to go. But, after this week, I feel great. I know I can beat a lot of girls. I can compete with the best in the world on clay, so I’m really happy with that and we’ll see in a few weeks who is going to win the French”.