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Window open for accreditation applications for the 2022 Mutua Madrid Open

The 2022 Mutua Madrid Open will be held from April 26 to May 8 at la Caja Mágica.


Given the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to work with the competent authorities in order to determine the best possible conditions to accommodate all the people who will be working in some form at the Mutua Madrid Open.

Access to the Mutua Madrid Open will be subject to the health measures in-force at the time of the tournament. It is possible that the Mutua Madrid Open organisation will request additional documentation to allow entry to the Caja Mágica.

The following link to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes all the details on how foreigners can enter Spain. These conditions are updated weekly:

As a result of the aforementioned situation, the Mutua Madrid Open may have to modify the conditions shown as well as change and/or cancel any accreditation

The window for requesting accreditations for the 2022 Mutua Madrid Open will be open from Monday 21 March to 15 April.

Any journalists wishing to request a virtual accreditation for the 2022 Mutua Madrid Open can do so via the link at the bottom of this page, having read the general conditions hereinafter.


All requests sent from non-institutional email servers (such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and similar) must attach an official letter from the media agency for which they are going to work proving that they have recently been accredited for other ATP or WTA tournaments. This letter should be sent to, otherwise the accreditation will not be processed.

All applications from freelance journalists should also come with an official letter from the media agency they are going to work for at the 2022 Mutua Madrid Open. This information should be sent to:

In light of the high number of applications received in recent years from Spanish websites and blogs, applications from digital media such as this are also required to attach a letter to an email ( specifying the reason for which the accreditation is being requested, the type of coverage of the 2022 Mutua Madrid Open that is to be carried out, recent accreditations for other ATP and WTA events, basic data on hits on the website/blog and a profile of the journalist covering the event. This data will help filter the accreditations.

Journalists belonging to the ITWA or the IPTA do not need to attach a letter of any kind. Specifying membership of this organisation in the comments box is sufficient.

Completing an application does not in any way guarantee accreditation for the 2022 Mutua Madrid Open. All applications will receive an email regarding the status of their accreditation.

Accreditations shall not be transferable in any case and must be used by the accredited person.

Communication with the tournament organisation for the processing of accreditations will take place solely by means of email.